The 9Hotel Opéra near the Passage Verdeau

8 minutes walk from the hotel (Richelieu-Drouot metro station)

Opened in 1846 by the Society of the Passage Jouffroy the Passage Verdeau was named after one of its members. Built as an extension of the Passages Jouffroy and Panoramas, the Verdeau gallery has always suffered from the comparison to neighboring galleries. Even still, it remains one of the lightest and most ethereal of galleries, with its high herringbone-pattern glass roofs and its clear contours of neoclassic lines. After the opening of Hotel Drouot, the gallery has attracted many collectors. Besides old edition books, you can also find vintage cameras, antique furniture, and antique embroideries.

6 rue de la Grange -Batelière - 31 bis rue du Faubourg - Montmartre 75009 Paris.


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