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Located in the heart of Paris, in the upbeat and trendy 9th arrondissement, 9Hotel Opéra offers an authentic Parisian experience amidst restaurants, traditional bistros, art galleries, antique shops, markets, and more. An ideal location, just a stone's throw from the Grands Magasins, the Opéra Garnier, the Butte Montmartre, the Grands Boulevards and secret passages.

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Are you looking to discover the capital's charm and experience life at Paris pace? We have the hotel you need, located in the Paris Opéra district.


Recommended restaurants around 9Hotel Opéra 

Among the multitude of brasseries, bistros, local bars and down-to-earth restaurants in the Opéra district and close to our hotel, we can recommend a wide range of great places to eat. 

Department stores

The 9Hotel Opéra near the Department Stores

:48715 minutes walk from the hotel (Chaussée d'Antin metro station)

Under the enchanting Art Nouveau stained glass, this department store has become a monument as essential to Paris as the Eiffel Tour or Notre-Dame Cathedral. Considered as the most important shopping center in Europe with its 120 million annual visitors, the Boulevard Haussmann in itself is a city within the city.

Galeries Lafayette – 40 boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris

Printemps – 64 boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris.

More informations on the Department Stores.

Passage Verdeau

The 9Hotel Opéra near the Passage Verdeau

:4928 minutes walk from the hotel (Richelieu-Drouot metro station)

Opened in 1846 by the Society of the Passage Jouffroy the Passage Verdeau was named after one of its members. Built as an extension of the Passages Jouffroy and Panoramas, the Verdeau gallery has always suffered from the comparison to neighboring galleries. Even still, it remains one of the lightest and most ethereal of galleries, with its high herringbone-pattern glass roofs and its clear contours of neoclassic lines. After the opening of Hotel Drouot, the gallery has attracted many collectors. Besides old edition books, you can also find vintage cameras, antique furniture, and antique embroideries.

6 rue de la Grange -Batelière - 31 bis rue du Faubourg - Montmartre 75009 Paris.

Passage Jouffroy

The 9Hotel Opéra near the Passage Jouffroy

:4939 minutes walk from the hotel (Richelieu-Drouot and Grands Boulevards metro stations)

This gallery, built in 1836, is one of the most visited in Paris. At the time of its construction, it was considered a groundbreaking innovation: as it was entirely made out of glass and metal, and it was also the first passage with floor heating. The original flooring, the eclectic and interesting boutiques and the second entrance to the Grévin museum were preserved after the restoration in 1987. Moreover, this unique place still has its famous toy stores and book stores- specializing in cinema and theatre.

9 rue de la Grange-Batelière – 10-12 Boulevard Montmartre 75009 Paris.

Passage des Panoramas

The 9Hotel Opéra near the Passage des Panoramas

:49410 minutes walk from the hotel (Grands Boulevards and Bourse metro stations)

The gallery of the Panoramas is the oldest Parisian covered passage. It was built in 1799-1800. Engravings of eastern bazaars and souks inspired the construction and design of this gallery. Presently it consists of numerous and stylish signage, and most notably- collectable stamps.

11 Boulevard Montmartre –38 rue Vivienne 75002 Paris.

Passage Brady

The 9Hotel Opéra near the Passage Brady

:49510 minutes walk from the hotel (Château d'Eau metro station)

Most unexpectedly in the heart of Paris, the Passage Brady is an introduction to Indian culture. Curious tourists in the quest of exotics discover here not only culinary specialties but also dyes, spices and handcrafts from India. This gallery in the 10th arrondissement extends over an area of 216 m2 and is named after its founder, the merchant Brady.

3, boulevard de Strasbourg – 46, rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis 75010 Paris.

More information on Passage Brady

Flateurville: a utopian village in the heart of Paris

The 9Hotel Opéra near Flateurville

:4969 minutes walk from the hotel (Bonne Nouvelle metro station)

Flateurville is a strange and unique place, created by Laurent Godard, in the heart of 10th arrondissement of Paris. It consists of a maze of salons spreading over an area of 600 m2 is combining unusual objects and paintings. One feels more in Berlin than in Paris! Flateurville is a place where Parisian culture comes to life. On most Thursdays this place is opened to the public and presents concerts, theatre performances and art exhibitions.

24 Cour des Petites Ecuries - 75010 Paris.

More information about Flateurville.

Gustave Moreau Museum

The 9Hotel Opéra near the Gustave Moreau Museum

:49815 minutes walk from the hotel (Saint-Georges metro station)

The Museum Gustave Moreau is a national museum, located in the former workroom/ apartment of this Symbolist painter. It was donated to the French state in 1897 for the purpose of preserving and exhibiting his works. The museum accommodates approximately 20 000 works. The most important part of his collection is exhibited here– nearly 850 paintings on cardstock, 350 aquarelles, 15 wax sculptures, and as well there are several works of other artists. The apartments of the artist and his reception have been fully restored to its original state.

14, rue de la Rochefoucauld - 75009 Paris.

Tel. 01 48 74 38 50

More information about the Gustave Moreau Museum.

Musée du Parfum

The 9Hotel Opéra near the Musée du Parfum

Musée du Parfum is 4 metro stops away from the hotel on Line 7

This private museum dedicated to the art of perfumery , opened in 1983 in this Napoleon III style hotel particulier. The construction of the building dates back to 1860. The painted ceilings, parquet wood flooring, romantic period stuccos, fireplaces and chandeliers are original to the time when the building was erected and a large part of the interior details have been officially classed as historically protected treasures. During guided tours, you can discover a collection of tools and other artifacts used in perfume production from ancient times until the end of the twentieth century. At the museum you can also experience the perfume production as it was in the nineteenth century in the original Fragonard factory in the village of Grasse of southern France.

9 rue de Scribe 75009 Paris

Tel. 01 47 42 04 56

More information about the Musée du Parfum.

Grévin Museum

The 9Hotel Opéra near the Grévin Museum

:5019 minutes walk from the hotel (Grands Boulevards metro station)

The Grévin museum is a wax museum in which are exhibited wax figures of celebrities and other famous people. The collection includes not less than 300 wax figures, for example of Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, as well as of Michael Jackson and Alfred Hitchcock. Many scenes from the history of France have been also re-created. It also includes renderings of epic events of the twentieth century such as man’s first step on the moon and the fall of the Berlin wall.

10 boulevard Montmartre 75009 Paris.

Tel. 01 47 70 85 05

More information about the Grévin Museum.

La Gaité Lyrique

Le 9Hotel Opéra near la Gaité Lyrique

:502:502La Gaité Lyrique is located around 15 minutes on foot from 9Hotel Opéra (Réaumur Sébastopol metro station)

Since 2011, the Gaité lyrique is the new Parisian place dedicated to cultures in the digital age and contemporary music. This living space is open to those who would like to visit an exhibition, to have a drink or to play video games.

The work of young talented artists and cultural entrepreneurs being put in the spotlight, the Gaité lyrique offers a rich and eclectic program which promotes innovation and creativity.

3bis Rue Papin, 75003 Paris

Tel. 01 53 01 51 51

More information about la Gaité Lyrique.

Drouot auction house

The 9Hotel Opéra near the Drouot auction house

:503less than 10 minutes on foot from 9Hotel Opéra (Richelieu-Drouot metro station)

Hôtel Drouot is the largest auction house in Paris. Within its 21 halls which spread over 4 levels, its annual 3000 sales during which some 800,000 lots are traded, the Hôtel Drouot is a hub of the antiques market of French and international art.

9, rue Drouot 75009 Paris. Tel. 01 48 00 20 20

The Grands Boulevards

9Hotel Opéra near the Grands Boulevards

:504The 9 Hotel is 15 minutes on foot from the Grands Magasins

A hotspot of Parisian life, the Grands Boulevards symbolise pleasant afternoon strolls. Fall under the spell of these long, wide roads filled with shops, theatres, booksellers and passageways. Go shopping crazy at Galeries Lafayette, where you'll find all the top name brands.

During your stay at 9 Hotel Opéra, it would be unthinkable not to visit the Grands Magasins department stores and their numerous boutiques.

Rue Lafayette

9Hotel Opéra, near the Rue Lafayette

:505The 9 Hotel is a stone's throw from Rue Lafayette

The 9 Hotel Opéra is located in Rue Papillon, a side road just off Rue Lafayette. Rue Lafayette is one minute on foot from the front door. Rue Lafayette is one of Paris' main arteries, spanning two arrondissements (9th and 10th).


Getting to Gare du Nord

9Hotel Opéra, direct access from Gare du Nord

:5069Hotel Opéra is 10 minutes on foot from the Gare du Nord district

Are you arriving in Paris via the Gare du Nord and looking for a friendly hotel near your arrival point? We have the answer. 9 Hotel Opéra is located 10 minutes from the railway station.

Take advantage of our hotel's ease of access with its proximity to the Gare du Nord. It takes just over 10 minutes on foot to get to us.

Opéra Garnier

9Hotel Opéra, near the Opéra Garnier

:507The Opéra Garnier is four metro stations away from 9 Hotel Opéra (Line 7, Opéra station)

Discover the emblematic Opéra close to your accommodation at 9 Hotel Opéra. Not just a festive and cultural location, the Opéra Garnier or "Palais Garnier" is one of the oldest buildings in Paris. Constructed by the architect Charles Garnier in 1875, legend has it that the Opéra was built over a subterranean lake...

Place de l'Opéra, 75009 Paris

More information about the Opéra Garnier

Museum of Romantic Life

The 9Hotel Opéra near the Museum of Romantic Life

:51815 minutes walk from the hotel (Pigalle metro station)

The Museum of Romantic Life is located in the neighborhood of «Nouvelle Athènes» in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, in the former residence of the Dutch painter Ary Scheffer. On the ground floor of the house built in 1830, the museum presents souvenirs and objects from the novelist George Sand. Upstairs, the rooms evoke the memory of Ary Scheffer and the philosopher Ernest Renant, who became his nephew by marriage.

Hôtel Scheffer-Renan 16 rue Chaptal 75009 Paris.

Tel. 01 49 95 08 64

More information about the Museum of Romantic Life.

Chez Casimir - French cuisine

Chez Casimir - French cuisine

A team of young chefs collaborate to offer a rich traditional cuisine: marbled oxtail, goose liver, lamb leg oven-stewed on the bone, served with French toast and poached pear. Restaurant with a beautiful terrace.

6, rue de Belzunce - 75010 Paris

Tel. 01 48 78 28 80

Chez Michel - French cuisine

Chez Michel - French cuisine

Chef Thierry Breton offers country cuisine. The fireplace and wooden beams is a mainstay in the decor. The cuisine follows Breton tradition- a harmony of earthy and sea tastes: salt marinated sardines, lemon and tomato; rouget-barbet fish with celery sauce; beef cheek skewers with seasonal vegetables ...

10, rue de Belzunce - 75010 Paris

Tel. 01 44 53 06 20

More informations about the restaurant Chez Michel

Brewery Flo - French cuisine

Brewery Flo - French cuisine

This brewery opened in 1896 and hasn’t changed since it opened! People come here to enjoy its authentic decor (carved woodworks, stained glass, frescos and leather furniture), but also to taste its traditional brasserie cuisine after enjoying a theater performance. You will be delighted with the traditional French fare: (duck liver paté, oysters, grilled onion soup, beef head and tongue delicacies, salted beef, Valrhona chocolate soft-centered cake and Madagascar vanilla ice cream.)

7 Cours des Petites-Ecuries - 75010 Paris

Tel. 01 47 70 13 59

More informations about the restaurant Brewery Flo

Gandhi Ji's - Indian cuisine

Gandhi Ji's - Indian cuisine

A rich and fragrant Indian cuisine (marinated fish skewers, lamb with spices and cashew butter, poultry stew, and homemade breads and pastas ) Order before you get mesmerized by the original ceiling, the fragrance of the large flower arrangements and the numerous paintings depicting Indian deities!

12 rue Lafayette - 75009 Paris

Tel. 01 45 23 21 52

Gabriela - Brazilian cuisine

Gabriela - Brazilian cuisine

This tavern style restaurant will take you to the very heart of Brazil with its vibrant and colorful décor, festive atmosphere and evoking music. Here you will discover specialties like Xinxim de Galinha, Moqueca de Peixe, Salgadinhos and Feijoada. Reserving in advance is recommended.

3 rue Milton - 75009 Paris

Tel. 01 42 80 28 14

More informations about the restaurant Gabriela

Sobane - Korean cuisine

Sobane - Korean cuisine

This excellent restaurant provides modern and fine Korean cuisine. The dishes are created with a thoughtful approach- combining flavors and harmonious ingredients. The menu, has an impressive variety, which celebrates the traditional Korean cuisine with its well balanced flavors and French traditional cooking. Modern decor.

5 rue de la Tour d’Auvergne - 75009 Paris

Tel. 01 48 78 02 91

Jaipur Café - Indian cuisine

Jaipur Café - Indian cuisine

The Jaipur Café offers a traditional Indian cuisine (tandoori, massala...) at very reasonable prices. The friendly service and the picturesque interior design will take you away from reality in the very heart of Paris.

15-17 rue des Messageries - 75010 Paris

Tel. 01 48 01 06 00

More informations about the restaurant Jaipur Café

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